High School Distance Learning Solutions

The following are WELNET® Modules/Resources that can be used at the High School level.

•    Online Learning Module: Online coursework that can be implemented using a blended learning format or completed online in a fully virtual course. The course also supports options such as: Wearables integration, Behavior Logs, Fitness Logs and uploading additional resources.

•    Video Library: A library of over 800 videos in the following categories: Exercise Movements, Fitness and Health Academic Content and Motor Skills. Teachers are able to create video playlists and assign to their classes. Reports are available that indicate what videos were watched by who and the percentage of the videos that were watched.

•    Behavior Logs Module: Teachers can assign the following logs: Activity, Hydration, Nutrition, Pedometer, Sleep and Mileage. Each log is easy to assign, edit or delete if necessary. Students are able to access via any internet-enabled device (i.e. phone, tablet, and computer). Reports are available that indicate total amount of activity and levels of intensity, total ounces of water intake, average percentage of RDA's, total steps and miles, total hours of sleep and detailed student entries for each log. 

•    Assessments Module: Students are able to demonstrate their knowledge of physical education content via online assessments. The Assessment Module includes over 69 pre-built assessments that cover content from the Five for Life Program®. In addition, the module has over 2,000 additional fitness, health and nutrition questions that teachers can use to create additional assessments. Detailed reports are available that allow educators the ability to gauge their students’ level of understanding and application of knowledge. 

•    Surveys Module: Online completion of surveys to gauge student’s thoughts, actions and habits for health, nutrition and physical education topics. The Survey Module supports several nationally recognized surveys including the YRBS, SPAN and the Panorama Survey. Customization options are also available for writing questions and creating unique surveys.

 •    www.physed.tv: A website has been made available that does not require student login. Each week videos are created and uploaded by Focused Fitness that will provide physical activity opportunities and academic content to students from any internet-enabled device.

We are here to support school districts, teachers and students through these difficult times. Please reach out if you would like to move forward with any of the above High School Distance Learning Solutions

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